Samstag, 25. Juli 2015

Chucks, Chucks and new mens wear

All I see are chucks, chucks and... oh right: chucks!  And new male wear 

The new release is for him and her: Chucks! Beatiful chucks in 15 styles and a HUD version for men and women. You will need Slink flat feet to wear them. Thats why you should take a close look to what you would like to buy because the chucks for women are different to the chucks for men! They have different sizes. A woman would look like a kind of a clown wearing the mens version xD 
And there is even more with this release for men: 

A hoodie in some different styles and a HUD version additional. And some chino pants in a few colors and of course with a HUD version too.

The best of this release is that there is a full outfit too. Made of the hoodie, the chinos, the chucks and the nerd glasses. The price for the full outfit is 499 L$ but every named part comes in the HUD version. So you get 4 HUDs and instead paying 1.026 L$ buying them separated you will get it for less than the half price. Thats the deal for you gentlemen =) 

The inspiration came from the tv show "The Big Bang Theory". Thats why the outfit is called "Leonard". 

Here are the pics of the new releases (more on flickr or marketplace or inworld):

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