Samstag, 1. August 2015

A new month! That means...

a new group gift, a new MM round, the first gatcha and a new release

I dont wanna hold up too long with many words. I know that some pictures will tell more =) So thats the way I'm doing it today.

Group gift for august 2015: 

It is a hat for you. I know it is still hot outside, but what if winter decides to start early? xD
Be prepared! And get it at my store. (it has a resizer and it is adjustable)

The new round with new stuff @ "Midnight Madness"

Men: reach 15 and get this nice tank top 
Women: reach 20 and get this turquoise dress "Liz" which can only be won @ MM

The first 30 L$ Gatcha for women 

Because I love shoes... yes there are shoes for women.
Beautiful heels ♥ (You need to have Slink high feet to wear them) 

Last but not least. The new release for women is a summer dress called "Liz"

Available in 10 single colored styles, each available for 79 L$.
And a HUD version with all 10 colors for only 199 L$.

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